Single Axle Trailers

High-Performance Single Axle Trailers

Blue Star Trailers is proud to offer a wide range of quality single axle trailers that come complete with a variety of great features. A single axle trailer is ideal for transporting small to medium sized loads, and due to only having one axle, it’s considerably lighter and easier to tow than a tandem model. This makes it ideal for personal use or for towing behind smaller vehicles.

If you’re looking for a single axle car trailer for sale in Melbourne, check out the range on offer at Blue Star Tailers. Whether you need a 6 x 4 heavy duty trailer that comes complete with a cage or you’re looking for a single axle box trailer for sale, we have you covered.

Our Available Single Axle Trailers in Melbourne

Our trailers come with excellent features, including LED lights, 5 Leaf springs, high galvanised cages, safety latch hooks, checker plate floors, and two coats of hammertone grey paint. Our range of single axle trailers includes:

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